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The UK search engine for anything organic, ethical, fair trade and special diets.
Authentic Business is a newsletter about business with purpose as well as profit – you can read articles and feel inspired or submit your own inspiring articles and promote your business.
The Centre for Alternative Technology in Machynlleth. A brilliant, fun and inspiring place that describes itself as ‘Europe’s leading eco-centre… concerned with the search for globally sustainable, whole and ecologically sound technologies and ways of life’.
The co-operative bank. ‘All banks have choices. Our ethical policy guides ours.’
A mutual building society dedicated to improving the environment by promoting sustainable housing and sustainable communities. Savings fund mortgage lending on energy efficient housing, ecological renovation, derelict and dilapidated properties, small-scale and ecological enterprise and low-impact lifestyles.

Recordings of ecology related talks.
Guess what this is about.
Ethical consumer magazine. ‘Promoting change by informing and empowering the consumer’.
Ethiscore is a consumer-oriented site, related to The Ethical Consumer with online product reports and company ratings.

A vast network of millions of links to ethical and sustainable products and services.
Fairtrade goods must be produced in accordance with specified standards including the payment of at least the minimum wage, good housing, union rights, health and safety standards, no child or forced labour, and the incorporation of environmental sustainability plans.

The UK's leading sexual health charity, one of our clients and beautiful people.
FTSE 100 ethical market. Aimed at businesses but resource bank and links are useful.

The Henry Doubleday Research Foundation. Europe's largest organic membership organisation dedicated to researching and promoting organic gardening, farming and food. A composters heaven.
Good Energy. ‘100% renewable electricity.’

Daily news and resources on green businesses, sustainable practices and environmental innovation. Useful tools for any ethical biz.
The UK's premier green resource. Published annually as a book and also online, the Green Directory offers a unique blend of people, organisations, and businesses involved in the green sectors.

Needed more now than ever. Whenever you vote for anything, vote for the Green Party (now with fantastically new and improved leadership in the shape of Caroline Lucas).
The people who make Cool Oil – an omega lover’s heaven. ‘We hope that people get to recognise The Groovy Food Company as a fun and dynamic brand synonymous with high quality products, innovative ideas, and a groovy way to eat healthily.’
The rather fab and highly ethical sports clothing company.

Forward thinking design. Whatever's good out there can be found in here.

Insurance company that encourages the adoption of more environmentally aware trading practices in the business community.
New Consumer is the UK's only fair trade magazine, helping you to make the right choices when it comes to shopping.
The New Economics Foundation (nef) ‘believe in economics as if people and the planet mattered’.

Peace Oil is good olive oil in all the senses of that word. Ordinary Israelis and Palestinians coming together to produce something very positive. A lesson possibly, for the politicians of this world. Olive Branch Enterprises was founded by David Sokal and you can read the story of Peace Oil on the website above. Wish we could get it in the UK David!
People & Planet. UK student action on world poverty, human rights and the environment.
Green Radio is an audio site featuring environmental issues, human rights, peace work and life affirming interviews. There are many ways to be passionate about this planet. On this site you will hear many voices expressing their cares and connections to the world we inhabit. The inspirational people featured here feel compelled to live life out of a sense of strong conviction.
Fun site and nice sounding people. ‘Our philosophy at Remarkable is to create recycled items that are well-designed, great quality and a joy to own.’
Resurgence magazine. ‘At the heart of earth, art and spirit.’

SustainAbility advises clients on the risks and opportunities associated with corporate responsibility and sustainable development.

American media outlet that really takes a lead in the drive to make sustainability mainstream. Pretty edge too.
‘By choosing The Phone Co-op you'll save money while helping to build a consumer-owned business which aims to provide service and savings to its customers, rather than to make money for outside investors.’
The UK’s widest range of fairtrade products brought in from Traidcraft producers around the world.
Triodos Bank only lend to organisations that create real social, environmental and cultural value such as charities, social businesses, community projects and environmental initiatives. Each one is a practical, well-grounded initiative dedicated to social aims that benefit the community, care for the environment, respect human freedom and develop individual talents and capacities.

...or the Vegetarian Society.  Great, lovely and caring people. Go here for everything to do with not eating meat. They have a tasty new microsite which you can find at There you can view a little film created by us which you can also see on The link is:
The Woodland Trust is the UK's leading conservation charity dedicated to the protection of our native woodland heritage.